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Life is Good
I arrived on campus this morning at 0600. Last night at yoga my mind had been spinning with things I had to accomplish before the conference, including printing directional signs ("how to get to room x"), the list of names for the prize drawing, and other things. I managed to get them all done (go me!) and left my office just before 0700 for the conference site.

It was a good 10-12 minute walk, as I had a cart full of stuff, and I chose to take the underground (read: flat and without potholes) rather than overground (read: lots of ramps and uneven surfaces, not to mention possibly locked doors at that hour) route. It was a good 30-45 minutes before another team member arrived, and when he did I high tailed it back to my building to pick up another load of stuff.

Let's just say that I should have taken two trips with the six boxes of bags rather than try and make it in one. Oh well, water under the bridge now. At least the guy from the receiving room took pity on me (in my suit!) and helped me figure out a better way to load the boxes onto the cart so they were less likely to fall off. Let me tell you, trying to hoist heavy boxes onto a cart while wearing a suit is no small feat!

As usual, I had a terrific team helping with logistics and organization. Everything went off without a hitch, and we even had a fun game of "bullshit bingo" (a take-off of buzzword bingo) at the expense of one of the speakers (who is a very amenable guy to all sorts of pranks). About the only minus of the day was that we didn't have enough bottled water for the attendees, and had too many tortilla chips. Little things!

Back to the grind tomorrow. I have 35 email messages that all need my attention. Of course I'd promised myself (and the people on the other end of those messages) that I'd get back to them "first thing Friday". Now I have to make good on that promise.